M Farms is a B2B fresh products & grocery delivery platform to small retailers, vegetable stores, Fruit stores, Juice points, Hostels/PGs, Restaurants , Hotels & caterers for whole sale prices with Free delivery.
M Farms dedicates to solve one of the India’s biggest supply chain problem by connecting Farmers , traders and truck operators.



M Farms aims to form 100-farmer producer organization/farmers cooperative society by 2020. We target to work with one lakh farmers about 2 lakh hectares of agricultural land and 100 farm products. One of our main focuses is to convert 10 percent of the conventional farms to organic farms by 2030 .We encourage the farming community to shift back to organic farming in Horticulture products.

2% of the profit made from any “M Farms” product purchased by the customer goes in distributing organic inputs and serving the small organic farmer needs.

We support small and marginal farmers adopt organic methods and shift from chemical farming gradually and are aiming to supply Ionized vegetables to customers. This goes to explain and express our concern towards “Corporate Social Responsibility”.




M Farms has a professionally qualified and dedicated team came from a wide variety of backgrounds. Collectively, we provide you a better accomplishment of tasks, performance, production and quality  to achieve and work Globally. Our team’s outright passion is to work in tandem to maintain good relationship and also satisfy  our most important stakeholder- the customer.



Our main focus is to maintain the designated quality and we thrive to do so.  We give you the planned and systematic activities implemented in a quality system so that quality requirements for a product will be fulfilled. We also provide you the observation techniques and activities used to fulfill requirements for quality. We at M Farms promise you products with complete quality assurance and maintains all its quality control levels.